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As part of our drive for openness and transparency, the Council has developed this area which brings together new and existing information to enable members of the public and other interested parties to research answers to their questions.

The Government's Local Government Transparency Code 2014, published in October 2014, requires Local Authorities to provide greater disclosure of their activities online, and these requirements are also addressed in this area.

Examples of the information that you can find in this area are:

  • Expenditure (including Credit Card transactions) on goods and services
  • Other Procurement Information, such as Invitations to tender, Contracts let and Purchase Orders placed over 5,000, and details of our current Waste Collection contract
  • Staffing information, including pay levels of Senior Staff, an Organisation Chart, Woking's Pay Multiple and time spent on Union Activities

Further details about Woking Borough Council's Tenders and Contracts can be found on Contracts Finder.

In order to make this information easier to view, analyse and download, we've used a product called DataShare to bring it all together. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions on this information, please e-mail us or complete our contact form.

Members' allowances

Details of the scheme for Members' allowances can be found here.


Woking Borough Council is responsible for the licensing of premises for alcohol and regulated entertainment, gambling and the taxi and private hire trade within the Borough.

A comprehensive guide to the various acts, the application processes and licenses issued can be found here.

Minutes of Woking Borough Council meetings

We publish the minutes of all Woking Borough Council meetings on our website and it is possible to access them here. Also, members of the public can attend Council meetings and listen to the debates from the public gallery. The Council has recently granted permission for members of the public to access its wireless network from the Council Chamber in order to 'tweet' developments as they happen.

Performance information

The Council publishes a range of information about performance in the monthly Performance and Financial Monitoring Information, commonly called the 'Green Book'. Current and back copies of the Green Book can be found here.

Quarterly monitoring report - projects

At the end of each quarter, Woking Borough Council's Executive receives a report on the progress of projects. These can be found here.

Jobs and careers

Information about jobs and careers and working for the Council can be found here. The Council also advertises job vacancies on the Surreyjobs website.


Information and guidance on planning matters can be found here whilst residents can research planning applications through the public access pages.

Further information

There is a wealth of information on the Council's website about services and events. We will continue to develop this aspect of our website to ensure that our processes are transparent and clear for all to see.

If you wish to feed back any comments or make suggestions about other items you would like to see online, please use our contact form.


This data is licensed under the Open Government Licence.

Pay Policy and Gender Pay Gap Statement 2018/19