Car park season tickets

Car Park Season Tickets

Charges from April 2015

Details of the season ticket charges can be found here.

How we calculate the cost of a season ticket

The cost of a season ticket is based on a vehicle's CO² emission rating (determined by the Vehicle Certification Agency). A 50% discount is applied for vehicles that produce the lowest emissions (CO² band A) and a 25% discount for band B vehicles. Those with a band G rating (the highest band) pay a 25% surcharge. In order to determine the correct band, we may ask you to provide us with the make and registration number of your vehicle when purchasing a season ticket.

If a vehicle was registered before the emission rating scheme came into force, we treat the vehicle as if its emissions fall within band C.

Season tickets can start on any date (unless purchasing an annual season ticket by direct debit), but are only available for a period of one month (monthly), three months (quarterly), or twelve months (annual).

PLEASE NOTE: season tickets are now only available for the Shoppers Red car park, the Woking Park car park and Woodlands Avenue car park in West Byfleet (for employees of local businesses only) .

How to purchase a season ticket

CHANGE IN APPLICATION PROCEDURE - the Civic Offices Cash Desks will be closed permanently after 15th May, 2015. From that date, permits will only be able to be applied for or renewed on-line or by telephone; it will no longer be possible to apply for or renew a permit in person at the Civic Offices.

On-line: go to the Apply For It link on this web site.

By telephone - payment using a debit or credit card can be made by calling 01483 755855 during office hours.

Payment by direct debit - individuals purchasing an annual season ticket can pay by monthly direct debit. Such season tickets can only start on the first of the month (whereas if paid in full they can start on any date) and if a cancellation is required it can only take effect at the end of the month; a cancellation charge of £25 is payable.

Procedure: send an email to giving 4/5 days notice before the start date required, authorising a direct debit to be set up, giving the following details:

Title / First Name / Surname

Full Address incl. post code

Daytime contact number

Name of Bank / Name on the account / Account number / Sort code

Reg. no. of vehicle / Make / Model / Colour

Contact Customer Services on 01483 743825 if you require further information.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I do if I lose my proximity card or windscreen permit?

Either write or email explaining what has happened, giving your name and address and the registration number of your vehicle; a charge of £25 is payable.

Write to Customer Services, Woking Borough Council, Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6YL, enclosing a cheque for £25 made payable to Woking Borough Council.

E-mail and call us on 01483 743825 to pay the replacement fee of £25 by credit/debit card.

Can I transfer my season ticket between vehicles?

Although a season ticket is issued to a specific vehicle registration number (because of the Co2 emissions charging factor) another vehicle can be used on a temporary basis when required e.g. when a courtesy or second car is being used whilst your own car is being serviced/repaired etc.

On such occasions, if you park in Heathside or Shoppers Yellow car park and therefore have to display a permit, you must transfer the permit to the temporary car (remembering to take it out when you get your own car back).

If you park in one of the barrier operated car parks, whilst you have the temporary car you will have to use your proximity card to open the barriers as the number plate recognition system will not operate with the temporary vehicle.

Please ensure you are aware of the Conditions of Issue and Use.

Is my season ticket valid for Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays?

Yes, a season ticket is valid for every day, including weekends and bank holidays, up to and including its expiry date.

What do I do if my proximity card is not working?

Check to see what error message appears in the yellow window. If it shows "Not Valid" it generally means you haven't held the proximity card steady enough or long enough for the system to recognise it. Please ensure you hold the card steady for 4 or 5 seconds against the symbol on the barrier ticket column that corresponds to the one on the bottom of the card.

If the message shows "Bad I / O" it means the system did not record the last time you entered or exited the car park. If this happens on entering, take a paper ticket to open the barriers (then discard it) and the system will reset itself for when you exit. If it happens on exit, press the "Help" button and a member of the control room staff will be able to open the barriers and reset the system for you.

If the barriers fail to open for you and for all problems when entering and exiting the car park where you require assistance, put your hazard lights on to warn other motorists there is a problem and press the "Help" button.

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What do I do if I am a season ticket holder and the car park is full?

If the car park where you are a season ticket holder is full, please contact the Car Park Control Room 01483 743384.

Can I apply for a season ticket at any time?

Yes. A season ticket can start on any date (except the annual season tickets paid by direct debit) and they are available for a period of either one month, three months or twelve months.

Can I get a refund if I no longer need my season ticket?

A refund is available for each complete month of the season ticket remaining, but only once the proximity card and/or windscreen permit has been surrendered. If not surrendered, there is a charge of £25 to pay. The amount of refund will be calculated as follows:

Monthly season ticket: No refund will be considered.

Quarterly season ticket: 1/3 of the quarterly charge for each complete month remaining, less an administrative charge of £25 (inclusive of VAT).

Annual season ticket: 1/12 of the annual charge for each complete month remaining, less an administrative charge of £25 (inclusive of VAT).

What are the conditions of use for a season ticket?

The conditions of use are available here.