On-street parking

Why do parking controls exist?

Most people like to park close to their destination when they use their cars. However, there is not enough space on the roads to allow this to happen on many occasions.

Cars littering the streets have a negative impact on the environment of residential streets, and traffic trapped in congestion causes increased pollution.

Consequently, Woking Borough Council has adopted policies to manage the parking of cars throughout the Borough. Parking management on public highways and the provision of off-street parking facilities are important parts of these policies.

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What are typical parking controls on public highways?

  • Yellow lines to reduce accidents

  • Yellow lines to maintain traffic flow and reduce congestion

  • Yellow lines to allow loading and unloading only

  • Yellow lines to maintain access for all

  • Bus stop clearways to allow safe passenger access to buses

  • Time limits to ensure turnover for visitors and customers throughout the day

  • Spaces specifically reserved for blue badge holders

  • Residents parking areas to give permit holders priority parking

  • Motorcycle bays to provide parking for two wheeled vehicles

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What are the enforcement arrangements?

Woking Borough Council, acting as agents for Surrey County Council, will enforce all parking regulations on street. Enforcement will be by way of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The police will no longer have powers to enforce yellow lines or other parking restrictions.

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What will the police be responsible for?

The police will still be responsible for moving traffic offences; matters of obstruction; and offences that carry an endorseable penalty, such as stopping on zig-zag markings at pedestrian crossings.

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Where does the money go?

Income from the payment of Penalty Charge Notices goes to Surrey County Council, and is used to fund the cost of enforcement. By law, any surplus will be used to fund improvements to the transport infrastructure.

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Why have I received a PCN when I have been parking in the same place for weeks?

The enforcement regime may have recently changed in that area, but there is no right to park on the public highway on the basis of `custom and practice'.

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Will I receive a PCN if I park across a dropped kerb?

Parking across a dropped kerb can cause an obstruction on the highway, which is a criminal offence enforced by the police. If a waiting restriction applies at the location, our Civil Enforcement Officers will issue a PCN.

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I have received a PCN - what should I do?

Further information about PCNs and parking enforcement.

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Can I park on a yellow line whilst loading or unloading?

Yes, providing it is safe to do so, you are not causing an obstruction, and there is not a loading restriction in force at the time (indicated by yellow kerb markings and a nearby time plate).

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Why is there a yellow line but no sign nearby to indicate when the parking controls operate?

The road is within a Controlled Parking Zone CPZ), where the hours that the parking controls operate are shown on signs at the entry points to the CPZ, rather than in each road. Yellow lines within the zone are only signed if the control hours at that location are different from elsewhere in that zone.

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On-street parking charges October 2017

Woking Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) - non-resident parking charges
Area 1 (Woking Town) - max parking of 1 hr
Parking Meters Up to 30mins 0.80p 8.30am-6pm Mon - Sun incl.& Bank Holidays
Up to 45mins 1.20p
Up to 1hour 1.60p
Parking Vouchers Up to 30mins 0.80p 8.30am-6pm Mon - Sun incl.& Bank Holidays
Up to 1hour 1.60p
Area 2 & Area 3 (Max parking of 3hrs)
Parking VouchersOnly Up to 30mins 0.40p 8.30am-6pm Mon - Sat incl. Excl. Bank Holidays
Up to 1hour 0.80p
Area 4 & Area 5 (Max parking of 1hr)
Parking VouchersOnly Up to 30mins 0.40p 8.30am-6pm Mon - Fri incl. Excl. Bank Holidays
Up to 1hour 0.80p
West Byfleet Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) - non-resident parking charges
Inner Area (Town Centre) max parking of 4hrs
Parking MetersOnly Up to 30mins 0.20p 8.30am-6pm

Mon Fri incl.

Excl.Bank Holidays
Up to 1hour 0.40p
Up to 1hr 30mins 0.60p
Up to 2hrs 0.80p
Up to 3hrs 1.20p
Up to 4hrs (max) 2.70p

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When can I park in an on-street parking bay?

A time plate will indicate any hours when restrictions apply. Bays may be restricted for the use of residents' parking permit holders only, or have a maximum period that you can stay, and the conditions applying to that bay will be clearly shown on the time plate. Outside of those hours there is unlimited parking without payment.

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Where can I buy parking vouchers?

Parking vouchers can be used when parking in Areas 1 to 5 of the Woking Controlled Parking Zone and can be obtained from various shops and premises in the town and surrounding areas. They are scratch-off cards available seperately or in books of ten for one hour and half hour periods and can be kept in your car until needed. Voucher parking is not available in West Byfleet or Brookwood.

Different vouchers are used for Area 1 (Woking Town Centre) as the cost of parking is higher. Those vouchers can be used in the outer areas, Areas 2 to 5, but outer area vouchers cannot be used in Area 1.

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Can I arrange for a parking bay to be suspended?

Parking bays can be suspended for various reasons -

  • Traffic movement and safety
  • Essential building/maintenance works
  • Domestic/commercial removals
  • Filming
  • Special events
  • Weddings or funerals

The suspension of a parking bay is entirely at the councils discretion and will not be granted just to provide somewhere for vehicles to be parked.

Requests can be made on-line and enquires should be made by contacting the Civic Offices on 01483 743825 or by email to permits@woking.gov.uk .

At least five clear days notice is required and (except for weddings and funerals) there is a charge of 78 which covers the first three days and then a charge of 12 for each additional day thereafter (prices include VAT).

For the request to be considered, details will be required giving the reason for the suspension, the length of time it is needed, the work involved and the company or contractor involved.

Once approved, notices will be displayed at the parking bays concerned giving motorists advanced warning of the pending suspension, but there can be no guarantee that someone won't ignore the signs and still park their vehicle in the bays (which are not coned off).

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A bay has been suspended - can I still park in it?

No. There are times when it is necessary to take a bay out of service, but we endeavour to give as much warning as possible and the suspension will be clearly marked.

Any unauthorised vehicle(s) parked in a suspended bay, or any vehicle(s) parked contravening the grounds on which basis the Council approved the suspension, may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

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I have a blue disabled parking badge - where am I allowed to park?

Numerous on-street parking bays for Blue Badge holders are available in Woking located in:

Addison Road, Chapel Street, Church Street East, Commercial Way (the Chertsey Road end, not the pedestrianised area), Duke Street, High Street and Station Approach (opposite the Police Station)

In addition, Blue Badge Holders may:

Park on single and double yellow lines for up to 3 hours, except where loading restrictions apply and

  • Park in pay and display/voucher parking bays without payment for an unlimited period, except where those bays are suspended or become evening taxi ranks.

When parking in Blue Badge holder bays and on yellow lines there is a 3 hour time limit, so a time clock must be set and clearly displayed together with the Blue Badge. Blue Badges must be displayed so that the expiry date and serial number are clearly visible; photocopies are not valid and are not accepted.

Parking in the pedestrianised area of Commercial Way, Woking, is prohibited between 10.30am and 4.00pm Mondays to Saturdays. Certain bays in Chertsey Road and Church Street East become taxi ranks after 6pm (time plates indicate which bays are affected) and parking in those bays is then prohibited.

Blue Badge holder bays are available in all car parks operated by Woking Borough Council. For the Woking town centre barrier operated car parks, Blue Badge holders may register for a proximity (entry/exit) card. Although there is no charge for those who live in the Borough, there is an annual charge of 50 for those who reside outside the Borough please go to Disabled Parking for more details.

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I have a Blue Badge - is there a time limit on parking my vehicle in the street?

  • Designated Disabled Bays - three hour limit, time clock must be displayed
  • Pay and Display/voucher bays - unlimited
  • Single or double yellow line - three hour limit unless a loading restriction applies. Time clock must be displayed.

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I am a Doctor/Health Visitor/Community Nurse who needs to park a car whilst visiting clients - how do I obtain a parking permit?

For further information please contact us on 01483 755855.

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I am undertaking work at a location and want to park my vehicle in a restricted area - how do I obtain a dispensation?

A Waiver Certificate may be issued to allow a commercial vehicle (van, truck or lorry - not a private motor vehicle, estate car or 4x4) to park on a single yellow line during the hours of restriction if there is a proven need that the presence of the vehicle is required to enable the driver to carry out his work and not just as a means of providing somewhere for the vehicle to be parked. No certificate will be issued for any location where there is a loading restriction in force, or where the presence of the vehicle would cause any obstruction. The cost of a Waiver certificate is 18 per vehicle which allows up to 3 days parking. For each additional day thereafter there is an additional charge of 6 per vehicle; charges include VAT.

Applications can be made in person at the Civic Offices or by calling 01483 743825. Full details of the location, duration and nature of the work and vehicle(s) used will be required.

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Who can I contact for more information about parking and parking enforcement in Woking?

For further information about any aspect of parking in the Borough, please contact:

Parking Services
Woking Borough Council
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 6YL

Email: parking@woking.gov.uk

Phone: 01483 755855