Coach parking


Coaches and Long Wheel-base Minibuses

The only parking available for coaches and long wheel-base minibuses in Woking is on the single yellow line and in the bus stands on the right hand side of Poole Road (a 10-15 minute walk from the town centre - see map), but as there are parking restrictions in that road between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays, a dispensation permit has to be issued at a cost of 18 (incl VAT) for each vehicle if parked during those hours (it can be valid for up to three consecutive days if required); outside of those hours and all day Sundays and Bank Holidays, there are no restrictions, so no charges apply, but please advise the Council in any case so we are aware of parking requirements.


Minibuses can be parked in the town centre in a parking bay, but only for a maximum of one hour between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm (Mondays to Sundays) at a cost of 1.40. There is no time limit or cost when parking in the town after 6pm, although some parking bays become taxi-ranks after that time and cannot be used.


Application and payment for parking in Poole Road can be made on-line and the relevant permit will be sent by email. Enquiries can be made by telephone (01483 743450) or email (

Visiting the Theatre

Theatregoers visiting the Ambassadors Theatre by coach or minibus can be set down outside the Theatre Stage Door in Victoria Way, in the slip road that leads to the Peacocks car park complex and the coach/minibus can then be driven off and parked, returning once the performance has finished. (Follow this link for a map of the town centre showing Poole Road in relation to the theatre).

Please note: The theatre slip road can only accommodate two full-size coaches at a time; any more than that will cause a tailback onto the dual carriageway which must be prevented as it is a Clearway. Therefore, when setting down or picking up, coaches may have to be driven round the one-way system until a space in the slip road becomes available (even though the passengers may be ready and waiting for collection after the performance). Group organizers will have to be in a position to contact the coach driver after the performance to notify him that their particular group is assembled and ready for collection, so it will be necessary for the driver and organizer to have each others mobile phone number.