Woking Park car park

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New parking arrangements and charges

Following a comprehensive review of parking facilities at Woking Park, new parking arrangements and charges will be introduced to create a better parking experience and encourage responsible parking.

From Monday 1 December 2014, car park users are advised that:

  • You can park up to three hours completely free.
  • If you wish to park longer than three hours, you will need to use the Pay & Display machine before you leave your car. You'll need to know your car registration number and hours required.
  • New car parking charges have been introduced to align parking fees with other areas of Woking.
  • A new 261 bay under-cover car park located at the rear of Woking Leisure Centre has opened providing additional parking capacity; this is called the Woking Park 3G Car Park.
  • All vehicles are expected to park appropriately and responsibly, showing due care and consideration to other motorists and pedestrians. Anyone parking inappropriately, for example on double yellow lines, grass verges or pavements, could receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • Parking arrangements will be enforced 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Pay and Display tariffs from 1 December 2014

Charges apply 24hrs a day, every day (except Christmas Day).

Monday - Saturday & Bank Holidays (6am - 6.59pm)
Up to 3 hours: Free
3 - 4 hours: 1.30
4 - 6 hours: 6
6 - 7 hours: 9
7+ hours: 10
Overnight (7pm - 5.59am): 1.30
Sundays (6am - 6.59pm)
Up to 3 hours: Free
Over 3 hours & up to 6.59pm: 1.30
Overnight (7pm - 5.59am): 1.30
  • The above parking controls operate to facilitate users of Woking Leisure Centre, Pool in the Park and recreation in the grounds of Woking Park. For motorists parking less than three hours, no pay and display ticket is required
  • Any vehicle staying in Woking Park car park beyond three hours will need to pay for the additional period of parking.
  • Regardless of the time you arrive, day or night, your first three hours are free.
  • For example, if you arrived at 10am and intend to leave at 2pm, your stay is four hours. The first three hours are free, so you would need to pay 1.30 for the additional hour.
  • If you arrive at 4.30pm and intend to leave at 9.45pm, your stay is five hours and 15 minutes. The first three hours are free, which takes you to the overnight rate, so you would need to pay 1.30 for the additional two hours and 15 minutes.
  • Number of disabled bays: 20
  • There are no height restrictions in the open-air car parks but in the 3G car park the height restriction is 2.1m.
  • Public toilets are situated in the Leisure Centre and Pool in the Park
  • Season tickets available in this car park.

Coach parking

Coach parking facilities are signposted within Woking Park but, there are only a limited number of spaces, so whenever possible operators are asked to contact the Council in advance to ensure spaces are available.