Blue (Shoppers) multi-storey car park

This car park, together with the Red and Yellow car parks, is collectively displayed as the Shopper's car park on the variable message signs located on the approach roads.

Location Map
Visit Multimap for detailed maps of this car park's location within the Borough. Satellite navigation users should enter the postcode GU21 6GB.
This service is hosted by another organisation. If you use it, you will be leaving the Woking Borough web site.

This car park is open 24 hours. Charges apply at all times (day and night) except on Christmas Day.

Pay on foot on exit tariff from 2 April 2013.

Details of the car park charges are available here.

Further Information

  • Payment can be made by coins, notes and debit/credit cards at the paystations within the car park or in the shopping centre.
  • Number of spaces:860
  • Number of disabled bays: 20
  • The height restriction in this car park is 2.1m
  • Season tickets are not available in this car park
  • Please note that reserved bays are only for use by permit holders on all days of the week. Motorists parking in these bays without a permit will receive a penalty charge notice.