Car parks - frequently asked questions

What time do the car parks close?

Car parks in Woking are open 24 hours every day and charges apply 24 hours from 6am to 6am except Christmas Day.

For the car parks in West Byfleet charges apply on the days and times shown on the individual car park pages.

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I tried to purchase a ticket in a car park, but the machine was out of order - what should I do?

Please find an alternative machine in the car park to purchase your ticket. All the machines show a telephone number for you to use should you encounter difficulties or wish to report a faulty machine. It is 07836 254654.

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I put money into a car park ticket machine but it did not print a ticket - what should I do?

Please use a different machine to purchase a second ticket to display on your vehicle. Retain the ticket and contact Parking Services by telephone on 01483 755855 or e-mail to request a refund application form. Please complete and return the claim form together with your ticket in the pre-paid envelope provided. Alternatively, print out a claim form and submit it with your ticket.

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My vehicle has broken down in a car park - what should I do to ensure that I do not receive a PCN?

Please call the car parks hotline number which is displayed in all our car parks - 07836 254654.

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Can I park my vehicle in a car park for more than 24 hours?

There is no time limit on parking in the Brewery Road, Shoppers' or Victoria Way car parks, as a pay-on-exit system is in operation, and the paystation will automatically calculate the correct tariff. All other paying car parks currently operate a pay-and-display system, so it is not possible to buy a ticket for more than 1 day.

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I have bought a pay and display ticket and have been unexpectedly delayed - how can I purchase extra time to avoid getting a PCN?

You can pay for additional time with a debit or credit card by calling 01483 755855.

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I have mislaid my ticket for a pay on foot car park - what should I do?

Use the help point on any of the paystations to speak to a member of staff, who will be able to provide advice and assistance.

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Are there any Parent & Toddler parking bays in the car parks?

Yes, eight 'Parent & Toddler' parking bays are provided in the Shoppers Red (Toys 'R Us) car park on level M.

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A bay has been suspended - can I still park in it?

No. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a bay out of service. If we suspend a bay it will be clearly marked.

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Do the car parks have a height restriction?

Some do - there is a height restriction of 2.1m in all the multi-storey car parks, and at Sheer House and Woodlands Avenue open air car parks in West Byfleet. The open air car park at Broadway, Knaphill has a height restriction of 2.0m.

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Where can I park a motorcycle?

Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds may be parked free of charge in the following town centre car parks:

Victoria Way - Ground Floor in the area between the entry and exit barriers

Yellow (Wolsey Place) - Designated area by the entry barriers

Brewery Road - Designated area inside the car park by the entry barriers.

If you park your motorcycle elsewhere in a car park, e.g. in a restricted area, you will be issued with a penalty charge notice.

On-street motorcycle bays are available, free of charge, in Cawsey Way.

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Do you have facilities for off-street coach parking?

The only parking available for coaches is in Poole Road, Woking, on the right hand side of the road where there is single yellow line parking restriction in place between 8.30am and 6pm Mondays to Saturdays, so a Waiver Permit has to be issued to park during those hours for which there is a charge of 18 per coach. Applications can be made and paid for on-line from the Council’s website’s homepage and the permit will be sent to the email address provided, but do allow 2-3 working days for this to be done.

If parking is required outside of these times, no permit is required so there is no charge to pay, but please check with the Council by email to check space is likely to be available ( or telephone 01483 743450.

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Do you have facilities for off-street HGV parking?

Yes, HGVs can park in the car park at Redding Way, Knaphill.

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What are typical parking controls in car parks?

  • A charging tariff requiring users to pay for their stay

  • Marked bays to maintain traffic flow

  • Time limits in "drop off" areas

  • Spaces reserved for specific types of users or class of vehicle

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What are the enforcement arrangements?

Woking Borough Council enforce the parking regulations in Council operated car parks. Enforcement will be by way of Penalty Charge Notices.

Further information on Penalty Charge Notices and parking enforcement in the Borough.

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Who can I contact for more information about parking and parking enforcement in Woking?

Further information can be obtained by calling 01483 755855.