Annual service and performance plans

Service Plans aim to provide detailed information about the Council's performance and our plans for continuous improvement in the quality and value of our services.

Service Plans provide a reference point, showing the linkages between our community's aspirations as set in the Community Strategy, the Council's own Vision and Priorities and the activities that are undertaken in individual services. They also set out our achievements over the last year, how we are performing against our targets and how our activities are resourced.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) are carried out as part of the annual service planning process and are published annually. The purpose of the assessments is to improve the work of the Council by making sure it does not discriminate against any individual or group and that, where possible, it promotes equality. The EIA template is used to ensure that all protected characteristics are considered when making decisions about our service delivery.

If you wish to view most recent Service Plans and impact assessments, please select the appropriate link below:

Download the Service and Performance Plan 2018/19

Download the Service and Performance Plan 2017/18

Download the Service and Performance Plan 2016/17

Download the Service and Performance Plan 2015/16

Download the Equality Impact Assessments for 2015/16

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