Responsibilities of Woking Borough Council

Woking Borough Council is part of the two-tier structure of local government in Surrey.

In Surrey, the functions of local government are divided between Surrey County Council and the eleven District Councils. The County Council is responsible for more strategic functions and larger services such as education and social services, whilst the District Councils are responsible for more local services such as development control (determining planning applications) and housing. Although Woking has been granted "Borough" status by charter, in terms of structure and functions it is a District Council.

The following table shows some of the main powers and responsibilities of Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council:-

Surrey County Council

Woking Borough Council


Fire and Rescue



Recreation, Arts and Museums

Strategic Planning

Trading Standards


Waste Disposal

Social Services

Collection of Council Tax

Environmental Health

Public and Private Housing

Local Plans

Planning Applications

Public Conveniences

Arts and Museums

Sports and Sports Centres

Parks and Countryside

Car Parks and Parking


Waste Collection and Recycling

Street Cleaning