Returning home after a stay in hospital

Homesafe Plus

A service provided by Elmbridge, Runnymede, Spelthorne and Woking Borough Councils and has been set up to provide support, assistance, and reassurance to you and your loved ones following your time in hospital.

Before you were discharged, a member of staff from hospital will have discussed with you and recommended which services you may benefit from. They will then have completed a referral form which is sent to the appropriate contacts in each borough. Should you wish to, you can opt to continue or take up any of the services once the initial period has ended or at a later date.

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Services Available

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Community Alarm

An alarm unit and pendant which provides you with support and assistance at the touch of a button. The alarm links to a local Monitoring Centre where operators are on hand 24/7 to arrange the help you require should you feel unwell or need assistance.

Temporary Key Safe

A padlock shaped device for you to safely store a front door key, which can be easily secured outside of your property. The key safe is pre-programmed with a code to enable access to the key. Access to your property can be gained by carers, the Community Meals Service and the emergency services if necessary.

Community Meals Services

A nutritiously balanced meal delivered to your door each day. All meals are delivered between 11am and 2.30pm, hot and ready to eat. The service caters for a wide range of dietary and cultural requirements. Additional courses including breakfast and tea packs may be available and you can discuss this when your first meal is delivered.

Home Assessment

A member of staff will visit you to carry out a health and safety check on your home environment and make recommendations for additional support to enable more independent living.

Handyperson Service

The Handyperson Service provides a range of assistance to allow you to live in safety and comfort at home. The handyperson can offer the following services: Minor aids and adaptations (grab rails, half steps etc.) Essential repairs (small electrical and plumbing jobs) Home security (installation of permanent key safes and door locks) Home safety checks (e.g. securing rugs, carpets and wires) Small, general DIY jobs.

Social Prescribing

A Wellbeing Adviser will visit you to discuss social, recreational and non-medical support and activities which could improve your health and wellbeing.

Housing and Homelessness

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days a member of the housing team from your council will be in touch to discuss this with you. For any other housing needs, contact the council directly.

Home Improvement

Longer term home improvements and major adaptations such as wet room installations and stair lifts may be possible, subject to an eligibility assessment.

Additional services

There are additional community support services that may be available, such as access to Community Transport and Social Centres.

What can I expect?

Within two working days of discharge you will be telephoned by a staff member at the council for an initial wellbeing check. Your community meal deliveries will begin (if appropriate).

Within five working days of discharge you will receive a follow up visit at home by the Community Alarm team and Handyperson service (if appropriate). A Home Assessment will be carried out.

Within three weeks of discharge you will receive an initial visit from a Wellbeing Adviser (if appropriate).

At six weeks after discharge you will receive a follow up phone call to review your progress and ensure that any ongoing services required have been arranged.

Emergency Homesafe pack

This is a short term, temporary measure to enable you to be safely discharged from hospital and you may have been given the pack for one of the following reasons:

  • your visit to hospital was less than 48 hours;
  • there was an unexpected change to your discharge time;
  • you were discharged out of normal hours, .e.g. evenings, weekends or bank holidays.

Included in the pack will be a temporary Community Alarm with pendant and a temporary keysafe. If selected you may also receive Community Meals free of charge for the first two days after discharge.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about the services you will receive, please contact Woking Borough Council on 01483 743647.

We would love to hear about the positive difference Homesafe Plus has made in your return home from hospital. Whilst we do not anticipate receiving complaints, we are also keen to hear if your experience of Homesafe Plus has not been quite as expected, to enable us to improve and ensure that expectations are met in the future.