Disabled Facilities Grant

The Council has a statutory obligation to administer Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG's), which are available to help fund the cost of adaptations to your home, for example ramps, stair lifts, wet floor showers, ground floor facilities or widening doorways.

The Homelink team will explore whether you are financially eligible for DFG funding. To make sure the grant goes to people who need it most, the amount of grant available is decided by carrying out a means test. This looks at the income, savings and capital of the disabled person and their spouse or partner. Depending on the outcome of the means test, you may have to contribute towards the cost of work. If you are applying on behalf of a child under 19 years of age and you receive child benefit for that child, there is no means test for the mandatory DFG.

We will organise the necessary Occupational Therapist assessment, which will recommend the type of adaptation that will best meet your needs.

The maximum DFG available is 30,000. If the total cost of the work plus any fees or VAT exceeds this amount, there may be a contribution to pay or Homelink may be able to assist you to source the additional amount, for example Social Services funding.

Management fees

Organising and overseeing the grant process is complex and often involves a considerable amount of work. Fees in respect of grants are payable to Homelink at the rate of 14% of the cost of the works (excluding VAT). If you are eligible for grant funding, the fees can be included in the grant awarded.

Additional fees may be payable where a private Occupational Therapist assessment or asbestos survey is required.

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Repayment of DFG Local Land Charge

If you are in receipt of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) over 5,000 and you own your property, a condition of the grant will require repayment of a proportion of the grant in certain circumstances.

In these cases, the Council will register a Local Land Charge against your property for the repayment.

More information can be found on our information sheet.

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