Residents’ Carers Parking Permits

  • Please note: before filling in this form you must confirm your eligibility by completing a Resident Carers Permit Doctors Statement which needs to be counter signed by your doctor and then uploaded with this form.
  • Please note with the introduction of a new parking system, for an online application we now need at least 24 hours notice before a permit can be processed, if you are applying with a paper form please allow 10 days before a permit can be processed
  • Residents Carers Parking Permits are ONLY available to residents living within the Woking, Brookwood and West Byfleet Controlled Parking Zones who require regular visits from care organisations, relatives etc, in order to maintain an independent lifestyle and remain at home. The permit should be handed to each carer that visits so they can display it on the windscreen of their vehicle and they must return it when they leave so that it can be given to the next carer.
  • Permits are not available to residents -
    * who are car owners
    * who have sufficient parking available in a driveway or other space off-street
    * who live in the town centres of Woking or West Byfleet
  • Proof that you are living at the address given is required for every application, whether new or renewal and if you are the Council Tax payer this can be done by entering your Council Tax Reference when prompted to do so if you are not the council tax payer please leave the box blank.
  • You will also need to attach a copy of a document dated within the last 3 months that shows your name and address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, NHS/Pension correspondence, or similar

Residents Carers Parking Permit Application